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Know us

NEURAL HEALTH © has solutions for the intelligent management of stress, the reduction of pain and anxiety, and uses Virtual Reality, Neurofeedback and Artificial Intelligence technology combined with a Cloud platform for diagnosis and monitoring of users and patients.




NEURAL HEALTH© has developed a technology for stress prevention, intelligent pain management and anxiety reduction. solutions have been  designed so that anyone can use them from the comfort of their home or in their work premises.

How does brain training help people overcome anxiety and stress?


When we think about our anxiety we feel more anxious which leads us to feel overwhelmed or in extreme cases, panic attacks.  But now we can train our brain and calm those anxiety-provoking nerves. With Neural Health©, and its medication-free program, it is now possible to train the brain to overcome anxiety and enjoy life to the fullest.  


Using EEG we monitor your brain waves and provide you with feedback. During a session, you will sit in a comfortable chair or sofa and enjoy a limitless relaxation experience led by our Virtual Mindfulness guide.  


As you do, we listen to your brain activity through a sensor placed on your forehead.