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Know us

NEURAL HEALTH© has solutions for the intelligent management of stress, the reduction of pain and anxiety, and uses Virtual Reality, Neurofeedback and Artificial Intelligence technology combined with a Cloud platform for diagnosis and monitoring of users and patients.

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Jorge Reinoso

CoFounder and VR Unit Director

Electical Engineer

Electrical Engineer and Experience Developer in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at Unity with a solid understanding of electrical engineering theory and industry standards with analytical and technical skills for the development of basic and detailed engineering in projects.

I am also a motivated and passionate CG artist with excellent training in creating all kinds of high quality 3D computer graphics, real animations and a solid understanding of the art of games and product design.

Salvador Piñones

Co Founder and CDO

3D Graphic Specialist

Entrepreneur and Founder of the Virtual Reality company ZeroOne01, Salvador joins the team as a VR leader in charge of the direction and guidelines for the development of the virtual scenarios that give life to the Cognitive Behavioral intervention for stress prevention.

Eduardo Cornejo

Innovation Manager
MSc. UAI Innovation

Telecommunications Engineer and Master in Innovation from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez UAI. 

In 2012 he was awarded by INCUBA UC in the HighTech program for innovation in Fleet Management for medium-sized mining.

Eduardo Cornejo has more than 17 years of experience in companies in the mining, retail and health sectors. 

Alejandro Díaz

Communications Director


Emerging technologies specialist, he is responsible for the positioning strategy in the media, development of the communication strategy for new products and customer relations.


Previously, he has worked in companies such as Cognipoint and in roles related to the empowerment of collaborating personnel.

Carlos Felbol


Industrial civil engineer. Postgraduate degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Angie Perez General

Unidad Voz en off 

Telecommunications Engineer, lover of nature, animals and people's health, Angie is in charge of the voiceover of Virtual Cognitive.

Ana María (Amyatari)

Psychologist and Therapist 

Leader of Meditation Practices

Colombian psychologist graduated from the Universidad de los Andes de Bogotá, with a postgraduate degree in Gestalt psychotherapy. Degree in modern letters and French literature at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris.

He has enriched his profession of psychologist by becoming a Master Coach by the AICP and training in alternative therapies based on breathing (Rebirthing) and the meaning of colors (Aura-soma).

Since the age of 19 she has trained as an instructor and therapist at Cóndor Blanco, an international organization dedicated to human development.

Bruno Berkhoff

Key Account Manager

Psychologist and MBA IEDE 

Psychologist from the University of Chile, MBA and Master in Human Resources Management and Administration, more than 20 years of experience in mass consumption, engineering and construction and service companies. He has extensive experience in family and multinational companies.


Specialties: Organizational Development, Strategic Negotiation, Compensation, Union Relations, etc.

Victoria Santis

Legal Manager


Post Degree Industrial Property CEDDET Foundation.

Spanish Office of Trademarks and Patents. Course "Management and Evaluation of Trademarks and Patents" WIPO

Specialties in Trademarks, Patents, Venture Capital and Intellectual Property Law